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How Do I Grow My Equestrian Instagram Account?

If you have an equestrian Instagram account, it’s probably because you wanted to grow an audience of fellow horse lovers. Starting an account is pretty easy. Growing the account is another story entirely. Building a successful Instagram account is something that takes consistency, time, and great content. While there are no “quick fixes” for growing your equine following, there are some techniques that can help you grow it strategically. One technique you can use is strategically choosing and using hashtags.

What Are Instagram Hashtags

Instagram hashtags are pieces of text you can add to your posts to categorize them for search-ability. When you add a hashtag into the text of your post, it gets placed with other posts that share the same hashtag. If a user is following the hashtag or searches it, your post may be shown.

Do Hashtags Help on Instagram?

Hashtags can absolutely help you grow your account on Instagram. They can be especially beneficial when you tailor the hashtags you use to your audience. One of the biggest mistakes a creator can make on Instagram is using the wrong hashtags for the content they’re creating. As an equestrian instagram account, the type of hashtags you’ll use will be dependent upon the type of service or product you’re providing within the industry. For example, an equine bodywork professional will use hashtags that their client will be following or searching (like #happyhorse).

How Do You Find Hashtags to Use on Instagram?


Researching the hashtags you’ll use on your equestrian Instagram account is really important. You’ll want to pay attention to the words within the hashtag as well as the number of posts that are already tagged with it. When I research hashtags for myself or for clients, I try to categorize them into three different levels: Low, Medium, and High. A low hashtag will have less than 250k posts, medium will have between 250k-999k posts, and high will have 1m+ posts.

So how do you research hashtags to find out how many posts they have? Use the Instagram search tool. When you log onto Instagram and type in a hashtag in the search bar, it will populate your search with a variety of hashtags – including the one you’ve searched for. You will see the number of posts currently found within the hashtag in the same search.

How Do I Grow My Equestrian Instagram Account with a Hashtag Bank?

During the course of your research, you’ll figure out pretty quickly that writing your hashtags down on a piece of paper isn’t ideal. The best way to store your hashtags includes using what I like to call a hashtag bank. This is a tool that you can use to categorize your hashtags by their actual text and level. You can also include a handy date column to remind yourself when you last used it. As a special bonus, I’ve created an easy to use Google Sheet version of an equestrian hashtag bank.

This Google Sheet comes pre-loaded with 50 hashtags that will help you grow your equestrian Instagram account. These hashtags are grouped into their different levels (low, medium, and high). I also included a date column so you can keep track of usage. There’s also plenty of space for you to add your own hashtags as you do more research. The best part about this Equestrian Hashtag Bank is that it’s completely free. Download the Equestrian Hashtag Bank instantly and get started growing your equestrian Instagram account.

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