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4 Website Strategies to Increase Client Inquiries for Equine Professionals


Everyone knows that it’s important to have a website. It adds to your credibility as a business, and also helps potential clients understand more about you and what you do. But your website should also be a tool that helps drive new client inquiries. In this post, I’m going to go over 5 website strategies […]

Top 5 Website Mistakes Equine Photographers Make

The Top 5 Mistakes Equine Photographers Make on Their Website

Website mistakes are easy to make – especially if you’re the kind of girl that loves a good old fashioned DIY. So today, I thought I’d share 5 of the mistakes that I see *the most* on equine photographer websites (plus ways to fix them on your own). The Home Page (or Entire Website) Consists […]

How to Create a Custom Instagram Link Page for Your Equine Website


Instagram is an excellent social media platform – especially for small business owners. However, it has limitations. One of the most frustrating ones is that you can only include one equine website link in your bio (which is why you should create a custom Instagram link page). Ugh. When you’re a small business owner trying […]

How Do I Grow My Equestrian Instagram Account?


If you have an equestrian Instagram account, it’s probably because you wanted to grow an audience of fellow horse lovers. Starting an account is pretty easy. Growing the account is another story entirely. Building a successful Instagram account is something that takes consistency, time, and great content. While there are no “quick fixes” for growing […]

Why Your Equine Business Needs A Website

Why Your Equine Business Needs A Website

When you’re just getting started with your equine business, it can be tempting to stick to social media platforms rather than succumbing to reasons why your equine business needs a website. Setting up a website can be expensive and time-consuming (if you choose to do it yourself). It can also be intimidating if you’ve never […]

5 Ridiculously Simple SEO Tips for Equine Business Owners


If you’ve ever done a Google search about marketing your business online, you’re probably come across search engine optimization or SEO tips. The idea behind SEO is to optimize your digital content (like blog posts or other web pages) to rank on search engines like Google. But how do you optimize your content, especially as […]