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Your branding is so much more than just a logo – it’s an entire experience that should be targeted to your dream audience. It should also serve as the foundation for your equine business. Set yourself and your business up for success with strategic, professional branding for your equestrian businesses


Does this sound familiar?

You’re dreaming of the day when you no longer shy away from sharing your business because of a lackluster logo and disorganized messaging and visuals. 

You want to give your dream clients and customers something to trust in – while building a business that you can be proud of.

You want to attract the right kind of client, so you can stop trying to manage price-shoppers and people who just don’t appreciate what you have to offer.

Imagine a world where your equine business is accurately represented by a dream brand that incorporates stunning visuals and appropriate messaging. You don’t stress about finding your dream clients and customers because they find (and respect) you and all that you offer.

And the best part? You didn’t have to spend hours on Canva trying to piece together a logo and some social media templates that you just don’t love.

Alysia did a wonderful job creating a new brand for my equine small business. She is very professional, understanding, timely, and was willing to add every little detail that was important to me.

What Does Branding Entail?

All great brands have a strategy behind them. And with a custom brand package, yours will too! I’ll help you dive into the why behind your business, and walk you through competitor research and more. At the end, you’ll feel more confident in your business than ever before.

It’s tough to market your business when you have no idea who you’re marketing to. Every branding experience includes a deep dive into your target audience. You’ll walk away with a solid grasp on your ideal client, plus ways to tailor your brand directly to them.

This is the fun part: your brand visuals. With your brand package, you’ll receive a logo design, color palette, and typography. If you go for the premium route, you’ll also end up with custom patterns and illustrations to extend your brand even further.

Professional branding helps you

Do more of what you love

Stop spending hours trying to DIY your logo and mix together fonts and colors. Get a strategically designed, done for you brand that will free you up to do more of what you love in your business. 

Grow your audience

Consistency is key when it comes to growing any audience. With professional branding, you’ll have a complete roadmap to keep your business consistent.

be the buzz

Be the irresistible topic of everyone’s conversation. Your new extraordinary brand will wow your audience and keep them coming back for more!

Package Options

The Mini Brand Package

the basic foundation
$ 700 Payment Plans Available
  • Custom Logo Suite (1 Primary and 1 Alternate)
  • Color Palette + Typography Section
  • Brand Strategy and Target Audience Research
  • Branding Guidelines Documentation

The Complete Brand Package

All the goodies
$ 1395 Payment Plans Available
  • Custom Logo Suite (1 Primary + 2 Alternate Styles)
  • Color Palette + Typography Selection
  • Brand Strategy and Target Audience Research
  • Branding Guidelines Documentation
  • Custom Brand Illustrations
  • Custom Brand Pattern

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