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Website Content Planner

What is a Website Content Planner?

When you’re working on designing or redesigning a website, it’s important to have all of your content in one place. Content refers to the text, images, and links throughout your site. Rather than using a notepad or 100 different documents on your computer, it can be beneficial to use a website content planner. 

This free planner will allow you to compile all of your links and text in a single place – so you don’t have to stress when putting it on your new site. This is especially helpful if you’re planning to work with a designer for your new website.

How to Use the Content Planner

In order to use the free website content planner, you’ll need to have Adobe Acrobat (or something similar). Once you download the planner, you’ll be able to add text into the pre-designated boxes. If you’d rather print the planner out, you can do that as well. When printed, the content planner will act more like a traditional paper planner.