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Introducing the

Mini Branding Package for Equestrians

Ready to leave behind the patchwork brand identity and upgrade your equine business? Get a cohesive, professional brand design with the help of the Mini Branding Package for equestrians. This is your chance to build a brand that resonates, inspires, and helps you stand out in the horse world.

What's in the Mini Brand Package?

Brand Strategy guide

You’re not just getting a brand – I’m helping you lay the groundwork for your equine business’s future growth. This guide is custom made for your business to help crystallize your brand voice, messaging, and values, ensuring that every aspect communicates the heart of what you do.

Custom Logo Suite

You’ll get a trio of custom logos designed to work together to capture the essence of your brand. Feel confident that you can splash your identity in a variety of different digital + print areas.

color Palette Selection

Colors speak louder than words. My expertly chosen color palettes will reflect the emotion and energy of your brand, ensuring visual harmony and instant recognition across all mediums.

Typography selection

The right typeface can make all the difference. I’ll select typography that complements your brand’s tone and style, ensuring readability and aesthetic appeal across all your communications.

Social Media Kit

Jumpstart your social media presence with a kit designed to enhance your brand’s digital footprint. Consistency and style come together, making your social media platforms a mirror of your brand’s essence.

Branding Guidelines PDF

Take the guesswork out of implementing your new branding with the help of a custom branding guidelines PDF.


You Can Say Goodbye to...

Branding Shame

Take your equine business from a DIY mismatch to a professionally branded powerhouse. No more hesitance in sharing your business card or social media profiles online – step out with confidence.

Failure To thrive

The Mini Brand package isn’t just a facelift – it’s a strategic tool for growth. With a strong brand identity, you’re not just surviving the market; you’re dominating it.

Shiny Object Syndrome

Harmonize every aspect of your brand, from your logo to your messaging. No more fighting the shiny object syndrome that comes with trying to build your own graphics on Canva.

Pricing Information

Great branding doesn’t have to break the bank… no, really. You can get your hands on the Mini Brand Package for less than a month of full board + training. Choose your payment plan option, and let’s get started on transforming your equine business.


Three Payments of



Two Payments of

Full package price is $750. No extra fees added for payment plans.

How to Get Started

Book Your Free Strategy Call

Your journey starts by booking your free strategy call. This is more than just a consultation – it’s a golden opportunity for you to share your vision, challenges, and aspirations for your equine business.

Paperwork + Scheduling

Once we’ve had our call and you’ve decided we’re a good fit, I’ll send your proposal and scheduling information. The paperwork process is streamlined, meaning you’ll get everything in an easy to access digital file.

Make Your First Payment

Securing your spot is just a payment away. With a simple, secure transaction, you’re not just paying for a service; you’re investing in the future of your equine business. This step confirms your commitment to elevating your brand to new heights.

Get Excited For Your Transformation

The best part? Getting excited about the transformation that awaits. From the moment your first payment is processed, I’ll begin the creative process to rejuvenate your brand. Picture your business shedding its old skin and emerging vibrant, cohesive, and ready to captivate your dream clients.

Get Your Project Started