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Busting the Myth: My Business Doesn’t Need a Website

I’m starting a new series that deals with equestrian business myths. And I thought the perfect first installment would focus on websites (and why you need them). I think I’ve heard this comment way more often than I would like. So today, we’re going to talk about the myth that your equine business doesn’t actually need a website.

All You Need is Social Media, Right?

You started your equine business and instantly set up pages on Facebook and Instagram. And after posting consistently for a while, you started gaining traffic (and inquiries!). You’ve now found yourself in a position where you’re receiving most of your business through social media, and have been able to send people you meet in person to your social pages.

You’ve been putting off building a website (or having one built) because you really don’t think you need one. Social media seems to be working out just fine.

But let’s think for a minute: what happens if your social media accounts get hacked? Or what if the social media platforms experience an extended outage? How will your customers get in touch with you?

And this, my friends, is exactly where your website comes into play.

Benefits of Creating a Website for Your Equine Business

In addition to giving your current and potential clients and customers a place to find you online, it helps you show up as a professional. Think about it – how many times have you gone to search for a restaurant or shop and been extremely disappointed when you couldn’t find a website?

That’s exactly how your clients feel about you when you choose to go without a site.

Another bonus to creating a website for your equine business? It’s an online platform where everything you create belongs to you.

You won’t be at the mercy of Instagram or Facebook when it comes to keeping your site online. Your website won’t be banned or taken from you the same way an Instagram account can be. And the best part? You don’t have to worry about dealing with algorithm changes every couple of months.

On top of all that goodness, having a website online will help you reach a wider range of potential clients and customers. (Can we say “google search?”)

Because in all reality, not all of your dream clients are hanging out on social media. And hey – who doesn’t love a bit of extra traffic?

So let’s review the positives of having your own website:

  1. It gives your business a sense of professionalism and legitimacy.
  2. You own the content (so you don’t have to worry about losing it).
  3. It will help you get in front of people who may not have found you otherwise.

But Wait, Aren’t Websites Expensive to Create?

Not all websites are created equally, which means that they’re not going to be priced equally. Of course, a professional website will require an investment on your part – but it’s just that: an investment.

In most cases, a professional website design for your equine business will allow you to increase sales and get in front of the right audience – making it well worth the money spent.

But I also understand that investing in a professional website isn’t in the cards for every equine business owner – especially if you’re just getting started.

And if that’s the case for you, I have good news. As of today, it’s easier than ever for you to build and set up your own website online for as little as $15 a month. There are TONS of platforms built to allow you to drag and drop your dream site.

Some of my favorites are Wix, WordPress with Elementor, and Squarespace. And if you’re an e-commerce equestrian – Shopify takes the cake.

The Results Are In: Your Business Does, In Fact, Need a Website

So there you have it. The results are in, and your equine business really does need a website. And if you don’t have the budget to hire a professional like me to help, you can absolutely take the time to build your own.

Have questions about the benefits of a website, or just want to chat about website or business building? Send me an email or connect with me on Instagram (@baymaredesignco). I post a lot of fun stuff over there, and would love to have you join the community.

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