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Why Your Equine Business Struggled to Attract Dream Clients in 2023

If you came away from 2023 wondering where your dream clients were hiding… this blog post is for you. Today we’re going to cover the top 3 reasons your equine business didn’t attract the right kind of client. And as a bonus, I’m also going to walk you through how to fix it for 2024.

Let’s get into it.

You have no idea who your target audience is.

We’re really starting off strong with this one. The most common reason you’re not attracting that dream client? You’ve got no clue who they are. You might not be fully aware of who they are. Sure, you have a general idea, but have you ever detailed their characteristics on paper or thoroughly analyzed them?

To draw them in, you need to understand who they are and where they spend their time online. Start by detailing the qualities you desire in a dream client. The more you know about your audience, the easier it will be to develop targeted strategies to attract them.

Need a hand with this? I’ve created a comprehensive “Ideal Client” worksheet, available for free in the freebies section of my website.

You don’t have a detailed brand strategy.

Even if you know who your ideal client is, it’ll be pretty hard to attract them if you don’t have a detailed brand strategy. Think of a brand strategy as the nuts and bolts of your business : what do you value, how do you speak, how do you make your audience feel? 

Without this, you’re pretty much just throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something sticks.

Creating a brand strategy can be time consuming – but it’s so worth it. Schedule out a plan and put pen to paper! Make sure that you’re always building your strategy around your ideal client, not yourself. 

Important things to put together include: your brand mission statement, brand values, brand voice + messaging, and your brand’s personality. 

Your brand visuals are inconsistent (and a little all over the place).

I know that Canva can make it hard to keep things consistent for your branding. Every time you log on, it’s like there’s a new template or shiny font you want to play with. But the thing is, consistency TRULY is key when it comes to building an effective brand for your equine business.

Your brand visuals should look the exact same across all of your platforms: your website, your socials, and even your printed assets.

The fix for this? Choose your brand visuals and stick with them. You won’t truly know if your branding and marketing is working if you’re constantly changing things around. It’s confusing for your audience, and makes it hard to recognize your content out in the world.

If you can, I always suggest investing in professional branding so you feel confident in your visuals. This makes it less likely that you’ll feel the need to get creative on Canva.

Prep Your Equine Business for 2024

By addressing these areas, you can enhance your brand’s appeal and effectiveness in attracting your dream clients. Remember, understanding your audience, solidifying your brand strategy, and maintaining visual consistency are key steps towards success in 2024.

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