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3 Techniques to Define Your Ideal Client as an Equine Business Owner

Learning how to define your ideal client as an equine business owner feels like nailing your lead changes for the first time. Understanding who your people are makes everything in your equine business run smoother, from building your website design to creating captivating content on social media. 

It’s a game changer for your equine business, and today I’m going to walk you through 3 techniques to make it happen.

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1. Start with Your Favorite Clients of the Past

The easiest way to define your ideal client is by looking back at the clients who made working with them a breeze. Think about the clients who left a lasting impression and made your work feel effortless. What set them apart as dream clients? Did they share a specific job, riding discipline, or common challenges? 

Take notes and keep the insights handy. Over time, you’ll see a pattern emerge that guides you to your ideal client.

2. Use Your Imagination to Help Define Your Ideal Client

If you’re just starting or haven’t encountered a past client you truly clicked with, don’t worry. Embrace your “manifestation mindset” and envision your dream client. Picture someone you’d love to work with, someone who values your expertise and appreciates what you offer. Consider their income level, which helps tailor your pricing and offerings to match their expectations. 

Make sure to document every detail that emerges from your imagination so you can reference it as needed.

3. Use Your Social Media Analytics

Another fabulous tool to help you define your ideal client? Social media analytics. I know what you’re thinking: “How are numbers supposed to help me find my dream client?

Well for starters, these numbers show you tons of helpful demographics like age, location, and gender. Do you have a large percentage of females between the age of 25-35 from the east coast? That sounds like a fantastic start to building out your ideal client avatar.

With demographics in mind, you can also review your previous posts to determine which ones were the most popular. What type of content does your audience seem to like? When are they commenting on your posts? 

This is all information that can be ridiculously helpful when it comes to defining an ideal client for your equine business.


The Importance of Knowing Your Ideal Client

Knowing and learning how to define your ideal client and what they need is like striking gold. With this clarity, your marketing, branding, and content creation become a breeze. You’re on a path to attract clients who share your values, appreciate your offerings, and make your equine business truly shine.

Want a Freebie?

Need more help figuring out how to define your ideal client? Make sure you check out my free Ideal Client Workbook. This freebie will walk you through the process of finding and marketing to your dream client (making your equine business more successful).

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